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Professional PCB & PCBA Production
Professional PCB, Customer Oriented Services, High-Efficiency Working Team, you can find all in Golden Board Electronic. Click here to see our production list.
PCB Manufacturing
Golden Board Electronic mainly engaged in rigid printed circuit board & aluminum printed circuit board & circuit board assembly. Widely involved in kinds of product applications: consumer electronic appliances, communications, automotive, medical, photoelectric, industrial manufacturing, etc.
PCBA︱Printed Circuit Board Assembly
Golden Board can provide wide range PCBs and PCBA, we are working with several qualified PCBA manufacturers,by the share holding/contronlling, if you have any requests on PCBA,contact us.
Our Products
Double layers PCB 2L;FR4 1.6mm thickness;Hal Lead free surface treatment
Multilayer PCB 6L,FR4 1.6mm thickness;ENIG surface treatment
Aluminium PCB︱MCPCB 1L;Aluminum PCB,1.0mm thickness,Hal Lead Free surface treatment
Aluminum PCB / MCPCB 1L;Aluminum PCB,1.2mm thickness,Hal Lead Free surface treatment
Multilayer PCB 6L; FR4 1.6mm thickness; ENIG surface treatment
Multilayer PCB 8L; FR4 1.6mm thickness; ENIG surface treatment
Multilayer PCB 4L, FR4 1.6mm thickness; ENIG surface treatment
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Your " One Stop Solution" PCB supplier    

As a professional printed circuit boards manufacturer, Golden Board have been serving customers for overseas over 10 years, from one off prototype to middle and high volume with high quality. 

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